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november 2019 - Silent in struer

I have been toddling a long as usual, a bit of this and a bit of that.   And suddenly the year is nearly over.  It's been a slack time of late but a few new things have been started. I must get on with things...


February/MARCH 2019 - exhibition at aktivitetscentret,struer


2018 - brexit pieces

As an Englishman, it pains me to watch the abject chaos in my homeland regarding the the vote to leave the EU.  The EU is a force for peace in Europe.   Now we have the disaster which is Brexit.   I made some Christmas Brexit cards for my family and close friends.


2018 - limfjordens Censuret udstilling

I was fortunate to have all the pieces I submitted for 2018  Kunstforeningen Limfjords Censuret Udstilling accepted.  The exhibition was at Gimsinghoved, Struer.  I have had pieces accepted in 2016, 2015 and other years.  Here are some of my recent efforts.